Professional Development

Beyond the classroom, educators navigate setting appropriate boundaries with their students, disciplinary situations ranging from awkward to life-threatening, and safety matters from weapons to severe weather.  Knowledge, preparation and practice are essential for success. Empower and imbue your teachers with essential skills to lead advisory sessions, reduce personal stress, and adapt to ever-changing landscapes, whether legal, health-related or risk.

COS delivers critical content with diverse voices through engaging, challenging, and interactive programming. From brain scientists to best-selling authors on mindfulness, we customize our programs to your community’s needs. With decades of experience in work with thousands of institutions, we provide a panoply of case studies coupled with captivating discussion to engage your professional development opportunities with true efficacy and lasting change.


    • Best practices for maintaining appropriate boundaries with students.
    • How to create a culture of respect to eliminate discriminatory and sexual misconduct.
    • Restorative justice and disciplinary practices for educational outcomes.


    • Internal bias and how it impacts student learning experiences.
    • Effective and appropriate strategies for using technology in communication.
    • Risk management and educational options for school safety and student well-being.


“Thank you again for the informative and enjoyable presentation.”

Head of School

Western Reserve Academy

“Thank you for preparing me to deal with this issue. As you predicted, one of my student‐athletes came to me yesterday and told me she was sexual assaulted in high school and I was the first person she had ever told. Your guidance helped prepare me for that moment. I have a wonderful connection with my student‐ athletes. I know they are comfortable talking to me. But even when you were speaking to the coaches, I never really believed an 18-year-old female would share something like that with their old male coach. Thanks again for your help and for what you do.”


Cal State University- Stanislaus

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