Social Media & Gaming

Online activity, whether through gaming, social networking, or even Googling is trackable, traceable, and retrievable by .coms and becomes part of our permanent digital biography. Each click, scroll, and like define your lifelong tech footprint. Whether gaming on Xbox or creating on TikTok, you remain in charge of technology choices.

COS experts teach how to maximize your online biography through mindful, deliberate choices regarding platforms, opt-in/opt-out for personal data access, and meaningful interactions, rather than harmful rants and raves. 


  • How Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xbox, TikTok, Google, etc. use your self-posted information for corporate monetization. 
  • Top strategies and tools to become a circumspect digital consumer, student, parent, and educator.
  • What constitutes internet and gaming addiction and mental health consequences.


  • Surreptitious tactics used for misinformation and disinformation, and how to tell the difference.
  • How your digital dossier is being shaped by your friends, family, and colleagues. 
  • Apps and resources for staying in control of your digital footprint and dossier.


“Today’s assembly really helped me get the importance of being careful what I post online, both for my own online reputation and the school’s reputation.”


Randolph-Macon Academy, VA

“I am a senior at Cherry Creek High School. Your speech today was more influential, effective and touching than any other talk, speech, or lecture I have ever heard in my entire life. I have never before seen or heard my class as quiet, attentive, and respectful as they were today.”

Male Student

Cherry Creek High School, CO

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