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Katie Koestner was on the cover of TIME Magazine at age 18 as the first person in history to publicly speak out about being the victim of date rape. She is the subject of an HBO movie and has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, NBC, Entertainment Tonight and over 100 other media outlets. Her passion is sharing her story to motivate, educate and inspire. 

Katie has presented at 5000+ institutions and reached over 10 million people.  Her programs for high school and college students address healthy relationships, sexual assault, respect, consent, coercion, incapacitation, and alcohol. She inspiring students to become pro-social bystanders. Katie weaves in key issues on sexual assault to meet the guidelines of VAWA and Title IX and comply with federal mandates.

Listening to Katie speak is engaging; watching her audience listen is enthralling. Students slouched in their seats when she starts not only sit up straight within the first few minutes, but actually are leaning in toward her by the time she is providing additional stories from students across the county. Katie shares a message of courage through her personal story that goes well beyond the hour after her program. Her audiences remember her words,  her  strength  and  her  conviction. They incorporate her examples into their next steps in life.


We live and work in a diverse world with people from a variety of identities, specifically racial backgrounds. Recognizing that race and racism remain salient in our society, we need to understand the messages we’ve been taught about race and how they may show up in the form of prejudice, bias, and/or discrimination. It is important to know that most of us are well-intended people, and despite that, the impact of our words and actions could harm others.

Learn about the history and context of race and racism in the United States. Explore our conscious and unconscious biases, and how to address them when they arise. Understand microaggressions and how they may manifest in educational environments and impact historically marginalized communities. Implore yourself to take responsibility for the impact of individual actions and self-awareness. This presentation creates a space for open, honest communication and active engagement by all members of the community in recognizing the value of every voice.

The Balancing Act: Managing Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety can mean waking up at 3:34am with a full-plate of to-do’s; a cold-sweat before a critical conversation; and paralysis about a course of action. Expectations, whether self- imposed or external, can create a tidal wave of feelings of being overwhelmed with no clear way out. Learn accessible techniques that can assuage, and even overcome these common experiences within one to ten minutes a day.

Learn research-proven strategies including exercise, mindfulness training, and one- minute stress reducers that can take any of us from overwhelmed to triumphant. Understand root causes and imbalances that give rise to anxiety and how they can be quickly and obviously addressed. We will share “pattern interrupt” methods known as the “One-minute heart meditation,” and the “shake and smile” exercise. These techniques have been shown in numerous studies to reduce the stress hormone cortisol for up to five hours. Learn how to unveil your inner resources that heal anxiety and their root causes for a lifetime. Garner practical ways to help yourself and others easily abolish anxiety.

Misinformation, Disinformation & Digital Citizenship

Who will see your digital footprints, and how long will they last? Learn how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xbox, TikTok, Google and other applications are making use of your self-posted information. What misinformation and disinformation are put forth as information on the web, and how can you tell the difference? What are top strategies and tools to become a circumspect digital consumer?

Consider how your digital dossier is being shaped by your friends, family, and colleagues. We identify apps and web resources to help you stay in control of your profile, data, privacy and time. Understand internet addiction and mental health consequences of social media messaging. We peel back the curtain on corporate monetization and messaging to empower you to choose how you use technology and shape its future.

High Impact Leadership by Way of Resiliency

We seem to live in a constant state of “uncertain times”, and the “new normal” can seem untenable. More than ever before, we live in an almost relentless place of stress brought on by a combination of lack of sleep, heightened expectations, and over-exposure to endless stimuli from every direction. What are the skills needed to thrive despite this plethora of life stressors including academic, economic, family, discrimination, social media and even the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Learn how to change challenges into success with effective strategies and leadership skills. Bolster your resiliency and stability with high-impact self-care designed to get you out of your head and into your optimal states of body and mind. Learn how these science- backed strategies increase energy, emotional wellbeing, and mental sharpness. Discover how to feel and perform your best with tools from performance coaching, mental strength training, and positive psychology.

I Said – You Said: Relationships & Consent in the #MeToo Era

The Jury is IN! Two students are in the same Calculus class. They become study partners. One night they meet up at a party. The story of their hook-up is clouded by alcohol. Did someone cross the line, or did both behave irresponsibly? Join our jury, hear the case and decide for yourself!

Our skillful, entertaining presenters confront common rape myths and tear down conventional defenses around sexual assault and rape. When is someone too drunk to be able to give consent? Is it possible for one person to feel violated and the other to believe the same experience was consensual? What if neither party can remember exactly what happened—is anyone at fault then? Get all the answers, plus debate and discuss with your peers!

This program concludes with a powerful discussion of how all of us have a “role” to play. We move the conversation beyond “right” or “wrong” to address individual and collective responsibility for the creation of a community of respect, trust, and safety for all. The entire audience is challenged to consider their roles as upstanders and empowered to confront their peers.

Inhaling More Than Air: Juuling & Inhalants

With a full array of colors and flavors coupled with creative targeted marketing, the vape has become the latest addiction amongst teens and young adults. Learn how misleading advertising permeated the screens of teens via social media, often cloaked within social justice messaging and stress-relief promises.

Understand how these devices work and what research reveals about the effects of nicotine in pod-based systems like JUUL, PHIX and Sourin on the adolescent body and brain. Learn what substances are contained in vapor and aerosol. Become more informed about the impact of primary and secondhand vapor produced by these devices. Review current legislative initiatives to curb use and how each of us can make positive change in our communities.


“But I was just kidding.” Free speech with the intent to harm and degrade others can easily become bullying. We analyze what is bullying and how it is perpetuated within our social hierarchies. Understand why and how someone becomes a bully or the target of a bully (and sometimes both) as well as the role the bystanders play in perpetuating the cycle. Grasp the importance of recognizing the difference between teasing and taunting and flirting and sexual bullying.

Learn how to empower those who are targets, so they feel supported in speaking up. Silence can lead to struggles with mental health and even self-harming behaviors. We uncover the power issues around gender, race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, appearance, sexual identity and more. Learn ways to become a prosocial bystander and create lasting culture change within our communities.

“I’m going to make sure girls are comfortable so that if something is happening that they don’t like, they are willing to say something.”

Senior Boy

Noble & Greenough School, MA

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