Bullying Program Content

  • Proven techniques for positive interactions
  • Real-life case studies
  • Unbiased, relatable presenters
  • Bystander empowerment and solution focus
  • Collaborative activities for critical analysis

When do jokes cross the line to harassment?

Can sarcasm become offensive?

Do expectations impact reactions?

When bullying occurs, growth and development suffer. Enhance problem solving and creativity by establishing a strong sense of belonging. Combat hurtful words and foster mutual appreciation with COS’s comprehensive bullying programs. Instill integrity, normalize social sensitivity, and inspire bystander empowerment with customized messages for your community’s needs.

COS’s unmatched collection of presenters, from comedians to school administrators to psychologists, impart proven strategies to defy drama, establish respect, and empower bystanders to intervene. We make it possible for students to understand the impact of thoughtless words and actions and rethink their peer interactions.

Gain insight on cyberbullying from legal, social, and scientific perspectives. Promote positive role modeling, effective peer leadership, and bystander empowerment. Mitigate the influx of pernicious behavior with essential skill sets, including media literacy, digital citizenship, and conflict resolution.


Bullying Programs