Diversity Program Content

  • Statistics, research, and real-life evidence
  • Engaging activities
  • Modern media references
  • Thought-provoking discussions challenge cultural ideals
  • Use technology to pose anonymous questions to presenters and challenges to peers

Get your passport of global citizenship stamped.

Pry open both mind and heart.

Embrace diversity beyond mere surface respect. COS diversity programs are challenging, engaging, and mind opening. We help students and faculty understand multiculturalism in the context of a global economy. We contrast and compare myriad values, beliefs, and backgrounds. Gain a competitive edge on integration, acceptance, and appreciation of differences.

Our presenters’ unbiased perspectives and firsthand experiences lay the blueprint for universal respect. With an analysis of pop-culture media portrayals, we create the openness that permits greater understanding of the benefits of non-homogeneous landscapes.

Scrutinize cultural influences on one’s expectations. Dissect diversity and recognize benefits of assorted experiences. Encourage productive discussion among students, teachers, administrators, and parents to counteract stereotypes and embrace pluralism.


Diversity Programs