Parenting Program Content

  • Unfiltered information based on innovative research
  • Neutral approaches for unbiased exploration
  • Sophisticated without stuffiness
  • Pose anonymous program questions with iPads, Smartphones, and other devices
  • Decades of experience and top thinkers in their field

Supply your parents with theory, practice, and a dollop of humor.

Ensure parents write “Don’t miss!” on their calendars for Parent Night by hitting a home run with COS. Provide a balanced plate of science and practical application. Your brilliant parents can draw their own conclusions based on evidence and facts. Our speakers share strategies of successful families with high-achieving children.

With COS, your community can host a top brain scientist who describes the latest MRI data on alcohol and the adolescent brain, then segues into her own parental practices. Or, invite a uniquely-credentialed parenting and technology expert who proffers insights from college admissions, future employers, attorneys, IT gurus, the FBI, and today’s teens.

Inspire action with guest speakers who have identified the parenting practices that produce risk-reducing choices in teens and encourage resiliency in children. Impart strategies that encourage responsible decision making and nurture proactive bystanders. Empower parents with implementation steps to incorporate effective change from the moment they return home after the presentation.


Parenting Topics

Alcohol | Substance Use
Body Image | Eating Disorders
Bullying |Diversity
Cyber-Smarts |Technology
Healthy Relationships | Sexual Assault
Mental Health |Stress
Parenting Skills
Personal Safety


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