COS Presenter

Travis Marshall
Director and Asst. Dean of Students, Rosemont College

Pronouns: he/him/his

Travis Marshall grew up in an ethnically diverse New Jersey suburb, raised by his hard- working mother who is a domestic violence survivor.  He completed a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineer at the University of Massachusetts as a first-generation college student, going on to work professionally in the aerospace industry. He soon realized his greatest gifts were as a teacher in the universal language of mathematics as a mentor and advisor to students learning to realize their own academic potentials.

Currently, Travis works as an instructor, advisor, and administrator at Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. The college’s mission of lifelong learning, reverence for the dignity of each person, and persistence in promoting justice with compassion is in concert with his work to help students harness their personal strengths, skills, civility, tolerance, and leadership. Travis also mentors young men in finding their own path to make reasoned, moral decisions.

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