From online learning modules to live-casts of our captivating presenters, COS provides programs and training via the web.  We are there with you—the wit, the depth of knowledge, the clever illustrations. You can have our talent and spare the cost of a plane ticket.


  • Host Virtual Podium on the day there is a blizzard at your boarding school— text us the night before when you read the weather report. We’ll be ready by morning. Turn a snow day into a day of illumination on mindfulness, social media or healthy relationships.
  • Have 1000 students on their iPads watch a compelling presenter share their struggle with mental health. Students can pose anonymous, embarrassing questions from the comfort of their devices with Peer-Connect.
  • Use Parent-Connect to keep grandparents, traveling parents, and parents living in other towns informed on parenting skills to best support their children.
  • Bolster the skills of your talented teachers with Faculty-Connect.  Supply them with the latest on learning differences, use of technology in the classroom or essential training on sexual harassment and abuse.

The COS Virtual Podium Team of 50+ presenters brings you brain scientists, nationally known authors, compelling personal story-tellers and more.  Our top experts expound the latest research and impart strategies to assist students in healthy development and decision-making.

“The feedback from students about the program was excellent.  They found it interesting and informative and very much appreciated his manner.  In their words, “…he wasn’t condescending at all-and usually guests are when they talk to teenagers.”  That seems like a compliment of the highest order!  I loved the way that he engaged all of the students, gave them factual information and also helped to tease out some of the finer points and gray areas.  It was an excellent presentation.”

Faculty Member

Charlotte Country Day School, NC